3.1 Analyse Possible Alternative Strategies

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3.1 Analyse possible alternative strategies relating to market entry, substantive growth, limited growth or retrenchment for a chosen organisation. Market Entry AirAsia is facing many competitors in the market. Thus, AirAsia needs to have a new strategy so that it can maintain a sustainable growth. Since the company has a new strategy, they need to have a way that helps the new strategy to enter the market. AirAsia should apply this new strategy which is selling healthier and lower price foods in all routes instead of certain routes only. This will help all the customers who using AirAsia are able to enjoy the healthy food with reasonable price. Besides, it is an easy way to help AirAsia to propagate this new strategy too. This is because…show more content…
Every departments need to play their own role and responsibility so that the company can operate well. The corporation and the support of the departments are very important especially when the company wants to start a new strategy. There are some departments in the company need to involve in the strategy implementation, such as CEO, human resource department, marketing department, finance department, and so on. CEO which is the Chief Executive Officer who is in charge for leading the development and executive of the company’s long term strategy with a perspective to make shareholder esteem. The CEO’s leadership role also entails being eventually in charge of throughout the everyday administration choices and for actualizing the company’s long and short term plans. The CEO also communicates on behalf of the company to shareholders, employees, government authorities, other stakeholders and the public. Thus, CEO of the AirAsia needs to give the full support so that the new strategy can carry out successfully. CEO can lead the employees how to achieve this new strategy and always solves the questions with them

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