Restraints In Psychiatric Patients

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The use of coercion on psychiatric patients in psychic wards is not always safe. Coercion is force or the power of use force in gaining compliance, such as by a government, police force, or anyone giving the authority to use force. In this case the doctors’ use of force on mentally ill patients to physically restrain patients from hurting themselves or others. Any person has a right to deny medical treatments. However, if the patient is underage, mentally ill, or has power of an attorney to name a few, doctors may apply necessary effects to intervene and save their life. Physical restraint is used to restrain patients that are having episodes and that could put the doctor, themselves, or another person at risk. In the short story “The Use…show more content…
Physical restraints have changed overtime. In the past doctors’ would use chains and keep patients locked in a room. Although doctors’ had difficulties with patients they could come up with strategies to help overactive patients. For example, Louise Allen Meyer states “classification and watchfulness of patients, kindness and to pay attention to their health could help patients become less disturbed.” Here, her point of view using the words “watchfulness” and “kindness” shows the tenderness she believe that will help patients react differently when having an episode. Doctors’ should use strategies to help overactive patients. For example, an agitated patient who likes walking up and down the psychic wards could be given a job to keep the patient steady. This helps the patient feel useful and tension is relieved from the patient. Louise states the techniques to use when dealing with an overly active patient. “When the patient is mildly excited the nurse could use an easier technique by wrapping the patients’ arm around the nurse and the nurse arm around the patient to keep them from getting too excited.” Here, the nurses’ technique makes it easier for the patient to not have an episode and attack others while being overly excited. When Louise use the demonstration of how nurses’ should react to patients the imagery is shown using words such as “wrapping arm around” shows the nurses’ procedure in dealing with an overactive patient. Patients that are having overly active episodes are usually given chemical

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