14th Amendment Research Paper

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People all over the globe should have the opportunity to have a better lifestyle and contribute to the United States as a legal citizen, being able to work and provide for their families and/or live a better life. We want to offer an expandable immigration reform that benefits both the prosperity in America and the rising number of people awaiting citizenship who originate from outside of the country. We want to allow a different perspective on the matter and give solutions that will have more advantages and less confusion. America is the land of the free which originated by the immigrants who first established independence. The 14th amendment protects American people from discrimination, but that should extend to people who are not from the…show more content…
It is unnecessary for families to be separated if they are able to work and support their family. The backlog of children placed in foster care due to parental deportation needs to decrease instead of increase as it has over the past decade. It’s imperative that if parents do face deportation due to their immigration status, the welfare of children who are U.S. citizens is discussed and addressed. The following guidelines are directed toward how family separation should be managed. •If children are born on American soil they would be guaranteed citizenship along with their biological parents and siblings. •No family shall be separated unless a crime has been committed toward the family or any illegal activity by that member has occurred. •Children should be granted the ability to attend school in the country where they live despite their country of origin. •Children should be allowed to gain citizenship if they finish all forms of schooling. •Once a parent has completed parenting classes, finds employment, and a home study takes place they are allowed definite reunification with their…show more content…
Having a green card allows a person to legally work and live in the country permanently but the people that qualify for green cards must have certain attributes. The lottery system that sends green cards to particular parts of the globe is not a fair or reasonable form of selection. Temporary visas for specific skills and business also have certain criteria that one must fit and visas can last from 90 days to 7 years before renewal is necessary. Other non-immigrant visas that require a person to be married, be sponsored, for media, or religious workers that are limited to 1 or 2 years. Visas should have limitations to prevent overpopulation in America but the system should also be reliable and

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