The Iliad

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  • The Significant Role Of Women In Homer's Odyssey

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    Professor Smith explains the evolutions the Odyssey has undergone to become a written text, the significant impact that Homer had on the Romans, and a novel theme that appears throughout the Odyssey. The Odyssey has undergone numerous transitions in order to become the text that it is today. The Odyssey originated from an oral culture, meaning that messages and stories were verbally communicated in the form of speech or songs. Originally, rhapsodes would perform a group of songs and create a story

  • Comparing The Flood In The Epic Of Gilgamesh And Genesis

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    In the Iliad, Diomedes speaks of his family's traditions of hospitality. He says, “We have old ties of hospitality! My grandfather Oenues long ago entertained Bellerophon in his halls got twenty days, and they gave each other gifts of friendship.” (207). In the

  • Achilles Vs Socrates

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    receive true glory (kleos) unless he too passes into the afterlife. In Iliad IX, Achilles discusses his two choices of how to die, “I carry the burden of two different fated ways [kēres] leading to the final moment [telos] of death. |412 If I stay here and fight at the walls of the city of the Trojans, then my safe homecoming [nostos] will be destroyed for me, but I will have a glory [kleos] that is imperishable [aphthiton]” (Iliad IX 411-412). Achilles also has a conviction that he must die in order

  • Homer And Virgil Research Paper

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    Homer and Virgil were ancient authors who wrote two of the greatest epic poems in history; the Iliad and Aeneid. These masterpieces are composed of many different aspects that make them unique. These aspects included having limitation on roles of the heroes and gods and goddesses, the different point of view on what a hero is, the heroic code, and the different subjects within each epic. The works were both presented a world filled with gods and goddesses, and heroes fighting remarkable wars. Homer

  • Pride In The Iliad

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    the Greek culture does not require humility and even allows for a certain degree of hubris ( In The Iliad, Homer demonstrates the ironic consequences that the Greek culture elicits through allowing charactersto obtain hubris. Although the characters in The Iliad accept the power of the gods, they do not reject their own power in the face of the will of the gods. Such overestimation of their strength leads the characters to act like

  • What Is Homer's View Of Religion

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    Professor Fischer – Section 702 9/30/14 Midterm Essay The book Iliad by Homer (translated by Lombardo) is a mythological book about the Trojan War between Greek nations and the city of Troy. A major part of this event and story is between Hector, the Prince of Troy, and Achilles, who was god-like or nearly immortal. The story takes place in the tenth year of this war and tensions were very high between the two armies. The Trojan War and Iliad both reflected views of religion, political theories, and morals

  • Who Is Achilleus A Hero

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    Although, many people might say that Achilleus is a real hero even though he didn't always act like one, but Achilleus cannot be considered a hero after all the horrible things he did. In the poem The Iliad, written by Homer, Achilleus is considered a great warrior, he was strong, brave and loyal towards his friend but at the same time very angry and unsympathetic towards his rivals. I don't feel empathy for Achilleus because even though Honor and glory defines a hero, Achilleus only fought for his

  • Odysseus Plea To Achilles

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    two winds rise on the swarming deep, Boreas and Zephyr, blowing from Thrace in a sudden squall, the startled black waves will crest and tangle the surf with seaweed” (Iliad, IX.5-9). This was the grieving condition of the Greeks at the start of Book IX of the Iliad, The Embassy of Achilles. When Achilles leaves battle in Homer’s Iliad, Agamemnon sends friends of Achilles, Phoenix, Odysseus, and Ajax to convince him to return. As Phoenix and Odysseus try to persuade Achilles to return to the Trojan

  • Sailing The Wine Dark Sea Analysis

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    In Homer’s the Iliad, Achilles is to show the downfalls of a warrior. Even thought he is supposed to be this larger then life character, his anger and rage hold him back from being the hero. The real hero in the Iliad is Hector due to his attitude inspiring his troops to win the battle, even though he was not a good fighter. Cahill believed that Homer even though blind could write with so much detail that he may of served in battle before going blind in his later years. The Iliad describing and projecting

  • How Does Oedipus Show Honor

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    honor, and honor is a self-serving virtue. Men would truly be serving the state if they chose family, because the military entails reckless and selfish killing; both Hector and Oedipus kill recklessly, Hector for honor and Oedipus for egotism. The Iliad by Homer presents such a dilemma when the character Hector must choose his family or service in the Trojan military for the war. He chooses to serve Troy over his responsibility