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  • Hitler: The Causes And Consequences Of The Holocaust

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    Hitler is the one to blame because of the many things he did to make this happen and he had the world neglected. There are many numerous factors that enabled the Holocaust to be implemented so effectively. First, I think that after Germany had the Great Depression, it left them desperate to have change, so when Hitler came

  • Maja Gimbutas The Goddess Movement Analysis

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    where a “Great Mother Goddess” was worshipped, and in doing so held prominent positions, while men were more responsible for the physical chores such as hunting and building. Their values were nonviolence and reverence for nature. She then argued

  • Cold War: The Multi-Polar International System

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    Conclusion: In the contrasting view of political analysts, a stable world order is still attainable despite the decline and rise of relative power of states. In line with the discipline of International Relations, a state is consider to have great power if it tops in military prowess, economic

  • Great Expectations Marxist Analysis

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    zMarxism and The Great Expectations In the 1800s Karl Marx, a philosopher and a socialist, first introduced his idea of Marxism that strengthened the ideal society that people strived for: an equal, classless society with no discrimination. This idea was often incorporated in literatures of the time, including The Great Expectations written by Charles Dickens. Although money and luxuries may seem attractive and appealing, through the development of Pip’s life, Charles Dickens sends a message to

  • Loneliness Of Mice And Men Analysis

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    Whether you are the most popular in school, captain of your sport or the quiet person in the corner you could be lonely. Everyone has his own struggle with feeling unwanted and lonely. In the novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck every character has his own way of being and feeling lonely. Through Curleys wife’s gender, Lennies disability and Georges desire for a family and a “normal” life we see how lonely someone can really be. Imagine feeling like you are going through life alone. How would

  • Essay On Asian Carp

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    Imagine a day in a boat fishing or even kayaking on one of the Great Lakes of Michigan and out of no where a fish comes flying out of the water hitting you in the face. The Asian carp are known for jumping out of the water and have injured several people doing so. Some example of such would be of people in fishing or kayaking. One example of Asian carp would include a news article on a young man on a boat with his family. Jorden Fiedler was 19 at the time of this incident. While inner tubing down

  • The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time Analysis

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    The idea of conformity can often times seem like a negative aspect from its connotation, but if one has an inwardly questioning voice, the effects of conformity can benefit the character. Authors such as Mark Haddon and John Steinbeck shape a stronger meaning with tools that create an inwardly questioning and outwardly conforming character. By formulating a book that is itself a metaphor and using animals as a metaphor for society, the inward and outward ways are demonstrated. In the novel, The Curious

  • American Folk Music Analysis

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    Europe, not having or remembering the original music right, passing down music orally, having different instruments, or being exposed to new music altogether. American Folk music was created for these reasons and many more. It would not be until the Great Depression that American Roots music was made mainstream, thanks in part by preservationists and Communist groups. With

  • Havisham Analysis

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    Frank Sun May 2015 “How does Havisham feel about her life, and how does the poet present her feelings?” “Havisham” is a poem based on “Miss.Havisham” on the novel “The Great Expectations”. But when you consider the fact this character is referred to as Miss Havisham in the novel Great Expectations, the titles takes on an interesting new twist. The missing “Miss” has an intriguing effects. First, it takes Miss Havisham’s gender out of the picture. When we read the title, we can’t be sure

  • The Importance Of Unemployment

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    In the free market economy we live in today, money is a vital influence of the kind of lives we lead. Jobs allow people to earn a steady income to live and meet basic human needs such as shelter and food. Currently, however, many people in the United States are unemployment and do not have the money to pay for necessities and meet these basic needs. Personal and social hardships are adverse effects of unemployment that can drastically change one’s life. Being unemployed eventually leads to personal