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  • Personal Coaching Philosophy

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    My life has revolved around sport for as long as I can remember, and remains to be. As I approach graduation next month, I aspire to work in athletics at the collegiate or high school level. In addition, I hope to one day be a head varsity basketball coach at the high school level. No matter where life post-graduation takes me, I plan on coaching at some point in my life. Throughout my life, I have had various coaches that have had an impact on who I am and who I plan to be when I become a coach

  • Essay On Shared Knowledge

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    Mao Zedong says; “if you want to know the taste of a pear, you must change the pear by eating it yourself. If you want to know the theory and methods of revolution, you must take part in revolution. All genuine knowledge originates in direct experience” (Zedong) .This quote suggests that the real fundamentals of personal knowledge are influenced by direct individual observations, habits experiments and imagination. It ignores the very fact that shared knowledge plays a very important role in shaping

  • Importance Of Job Interview

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    hiring the best person for the job doesn't necessarily mean choosing the most intelligent or the best qualified individual. In fact, there is little or no correlation between company success and intelligence of employees, as measured by standard metrics such as educational achievement, IQ tests and logic puzzle solving skills. Likewise, education does not necessarily mean that the person will be competent or best suited to succeed. Obviously you don't want to hire stupid people especially when the

  • Value Of Knowledge Essay

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    statement,there is a combination of Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing that make the statement; “Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.” The areas of knowledge that are tied with this statement are history and ethics. As well as reason and emotion being the ways of knowing that I can associate with this question. There are no absolutes in the reign of knowledge, from its recompilation to its application. More so, there are no black or whites in knowledge

  • Aristotle's Definition Of Justice In Justice

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    will be equal between equals and unequal between unequals. In Politics, Aristotle states that “now all men believe that justice means equality in some sense, and they are in limited agreement with the philosophy of justice which I explained in my Ethics: they hold that justice is some entity which is relative to persons and that equality must be equal for equals” (Politics, I282bi4). Similar to Plato, this kind of justice implied a proportional and conditional equality. We have already agreed beforehand

  • The Pros And Cons Of Sergio Canavero

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    In the world of science in order to make advancements we must drift away from what is deemed as sane. We dare to do what has never been done, see all there is to be seen, and know all there is to be known. Great sacrifices are made in the name of science but, can we ever go too far. Sergio Canavero, a Italian neurosurgeon, believes that he is on course to making a huge leap in the medical field; he wants to perform the first human head transplant. Canavero plans to take the head of one decapitated

  • Seeking Knowledge In Islam

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    Knowledge in the Arabic language is known as “Ilm” which in most cases is related to Islamic knowledge or matters related to the Islamic Law also known as Sharia. The Quran is one of the main resources which a person can gain knowledge from as Muslims believe it is the words of God. The Quran is an accurate holy book that has existed on the earth over 1400 years and has not been changed ever since its verses were descended. Seeking knowledge is important in every religion including in Islam because

  • Examples Of Cultural Relativism

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    Name – ROHIT KUMAR Roll Number – 2015078 Journal Writing Cultural Relativism Cultural Relativism is the viewpoint that each person’s ethics and moral believes are strongly influenced by the culture of the society in which he/she is living. So viewpoint of every individual varies for varying culture in which he/she is brought up. Cultural Relativism is based on the idea that every culture is equal, no system is better than any other, no ultimate standard of right and wrong. So every outcome

  • Stakeholders In Project Management

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    stakeholders are performing well. Importance of Ethical Behavior in the Organization The behavior of a person shows who they really are. In the workplace, ethics is important in communicating and collaborating with other people. Each organization has some rules and regulations that every employee should comply with, including stakeholders. Ethics increases the responsibility and transparency to decision making. Ethical behavior in the organization affects decision-making in which high-level ethical

  • Malaysia Corporate Governance Analysis

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    So that, directors code of ethics take center stage as a major concern of the modern era as most of the business are dealing with an international business. The earlier opinion stated that a business cannot be ethical, but this opinion is not used anymore in the modern business. Today business has belief that they must be responsible for social since they live and operate within a social