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  • Buddhist Themes In Izutsu

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    In the Noh play Izutsu by Zeami (1363-1443) Buddhist concepts play a clear role in the poetic content of the text. In this poetry, the Buddhist philosophical concepts of material impermanence, human suffering (dukkha), and the unification of the spiritual self with the cosmos, appear throughout. These concepts also appear in the written words of Zen practitioners, whose poetry provides a window into the deeper Buddhist significance of the text. Buddhist doctrine begins with the diagnosis and cure

  • Pair Programming Methodology

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    The Agile software development methodology is one of the systematic and disciplined approaches followed in software engineering to deal with adaptability. Organizations evolve. They need to adapt to the growing needs of the business. Agile emphasizes on team work. These principles and practices impact knowledge building, sharing and consequently the overall development of the organization. There are a number of practices for agile. XP (Extreme programming), SCRUM, DSDM to name a few. One such practice

  • Waste Water Lab Report

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    SAMPLE COLLECTION 1L of the waste water sample was collected from the waste water treatment plant located Apphughar, Visakhapatnam. This wastewater treatment plant is a 25MLD which receives raw sewage wastewaters from domestic uses from surrounding the city. The physico chemical parameter analysis reports were given in the Table 4.7.1. Table 4.7.1 Physical and chemical for the raw sewage at 25MLDss S.No. Parameter STP inlet (mg/L) 1 pH 7.22 2 Total dissolved solids(TDS) 1330 3 Total suspended solids

  • Khushwant Singh Analysis

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    analysis of his writings proves that the social historian in him has taken interest in these intimate, soul searching studies of life, because in them we find truth, reflected with deep sensitivity and emotions. In a well-known published collection of essays,Khushwant Singh’s India, the special qualities of Singh are described thus, Khushwant Singh has been described as India’s Malcolm Muggerridge. He holds nothing sacred. He enjoys nothing more than dipping his barbed pen in a pot of vitriol and lambasting

  • Nt1310 Unit 6 Understanding Assessment

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    Contents Understanding Assessment. 1 Overview of Unit of Work 3 TASK SHEET FOR A CULMINATING TASK 6 Criteria for Sundial task for teacher 8 Bloom?s Taxonomy Evaluation for Students 10 Assessment Justification 12 Key learning strategies and checks for learning that scaffold assessment 13 Formative assessment strategies and justifications 14 Assessment and Reporting Understanding Assessment. For teachers to engage in developing better understanding of what assessment is and for, and

  • The Pros And Cons Of Propaganda

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    Introduction Propaganda remains a relatively unformed concepts despite the fact that it was defined by many scientists with different ways. This is reflected in the uncertainty and absence of agreement between several ways used to explain the phenomenon. But still some aspects of propaganda can be studied without unconditional agreement in political and other sciences. Propaganda in many cases is associated with a distortion of the truth and such expressions as ‘brainwash’, ‘lie’, ‘manipulation’

  • Friedrich Nietzsche: Wom God's Second Mistake?

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    Woman: God’s second mistake? Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher, who regarded ‘thirst for power’ as the sole driving force of all human actions, has many a one-liners to his credit. ‘Woman was God’s second mistake’, he declared. Unmindful of the reactionary scathing criticism and shrill abuses he invited for himself, especially from the ever-irritable feminist brigade. The fact and belief that God never ever commits a mistake, brings Nietzsche’s proclamation dashingly down into the dust bin