Zwarte Piet Analysis

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Black Pete On the evening of December the fifth, a small five-year-old child woke up; in addition of, loud horse step noise coming down from the roof. The child runs toward the living room window; as a result, the child saw Saint Nicolas feeding Amerigo his white horse with carrot and grass, which the child left earlier that day. Black Pete were going through Saint Nicholas list to retrieve behavior information on this child. Apparently this child was the kindness child in the list of Saint Nicholas; therefore, Saint Nicolas and Black Pete left a special gift behind. For many years Saint Nicolas and Black Pete is a tradition in numerous country, however at a certain circumstance protesters gather together against the Dutch Tradition. Hence,…show more content…
A switch and a burlap bag were the two main Black Pete object that children were threatened by. The Black Pete costume consist of an afro wig, red lipstick, switch, page attire, negro-black face-paint, creole earrings, and burlap bag; it follows that every single piece from Black Pete costume is related with the Dutch history of slavery. Furthermore, people are neglecting the reality that Black Pete resembles of slavery. (The Continuing Evolution of Zwarte Piet) The Dutch tradition made a few changes in the fairytale story. Saint Nicholas is a thin bishop dressed in a red robe with a white beard. He is the patron saint of children and arrives from Spain by boat. He also rides on his white horse Amerigo. On top of that, Saint Nicholas has Black Pete who is his servant or his slave. Hence, this piece of the Dutch fairy tale story was rewritten and change the relationship between Saint Nicholas and Black Pete who are partners. In fact, Black Pete only appeared black because Black Pete went down through the chimney and is covered in soot. However, what is…show more content…
Ones people become conscious about the Dutch tradition of Saint Nicolas and Black Pete and people realize the Black Pete figure, roots, and slavery; as a result, knowledge can turn a situation that is inoffensive at first, and can make it offensive. (Leopold, 2015) The Prime minister of Holland, Mark Rutte, said;” Saint Nicholas and Black Pete is a tradition it is not Green Pete or Brown Pete it is Black Pete so I cannot change that, my friends in the Dutch Antillean they are very happy when they have Saint Nicholas because they does not have to paint their faces, but when I play Black Pete for days I have to try to get off the stuff on my face”. (Leopold, 2015) Together we stand amongst each other to fight for our culture, our dignity and equality. We might not be a servant, we might not be slavery. All we are asking for is respect for our ancestry. In these parades of celebration, as a wall, we unite to symbolize our history. And then again we were treated as if we were slaveries. Against our own will, we accessorized with chain cruising on the so-called ship prison bars. Hence the Dutch newspaper start spreading the news on the documentary that Roger Ross William was making, it follows that Roger receive negative feedbacks such as: “- eat a banana stupid black monkey - how there you live here and try to

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