Singin In The Rain Analysis

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When an individual strives to become successful, one often assumes that in order to obtain such desired success, they must move westward to the land of dreams (Purac Lecture 2). For many years, Hollywood has been, and still is, considered a place in which the ‘American Dream’ can ultimately become a reality. Yet, underneath the success, and the glamour, Hollywood is also known for its illusions, in which deception and fakery are prominent in the films and imagery that viewers are shown. Consequently, people are often exposed to imagery produced by Hollywood that has been edited or misrepresented. The musical, Singin’ in the Rain, directed by Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly, is a fundamental representation of Hollywood. In particular, the scene in this musical titled: “Would You,” is a significant example of the fixation on the perfect image, and the fakery that arises.…show more content…
The scene then switches to another room, where the audience can hear a record playing the song that Kathy was previously seen recording. The camera then shows Lina Lamont, who continues to sing in her natural high pitched and decidedly unsuitable voice for the musical the studio is creating. Lina, who cannot actually sing, pretends to have a talent that she subsequently lacks. The studio is determined to use her in the film, yet at the same time they want to use Kathy’s singing voice, in place of Lina’s. As the musical is viewed on the big screen, her voice is shown to be dubbed over with Kathy’s voice in order to have the preferred and perfected version of the

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