Zigbee Network Case Study

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Cluster Based Shortcut Routing in Zigbee Network Jesna N Jayasenan Sree Narayana Gurukulam College of Engineering Ernakulam, India jesnanj@gmail.com Abstract:- Many resource limited applications and devices uses the Zigbee tree routing, as it does not require any routing table and route discovery overhead to send a packet to the destination. The fundamental limitation of Zigbee tree routing is that the packet follows the tree topology, thus optimal routing path is not provided by this method. The limited tree links causes the traffic concentration problem in ZTR. Severe collision and congestion of packets are concentrated on the limited tree links, since all packets passes through only tree links, especially around the root node. This will…show more content…
Zigbee network has been developing and standardizing by ZigBee Alliance. Zigbee defines ZigBee Coordinator, Router and ZigBee end device based on IEEE 802.15.4. The Zigbee network can be easily extended in size and coverage area since the network support star mesh and tree topologies and have more than 65000 address spaces. The star topology of Zigbee is mainly designed for the simple communication from one node to several nodes. The tree network uses a hierarchical tree routing mechanism. The mesh network uses the mixed routing method combined with Z-AODV and hierarchical tree…show more content…
To gain better performance for wireless network routing must take into account different possibilities of clustering along with some shortcut routing. To get the near optimal path, the nodes are grouped into clusters. The node with highest energy in the cluster is selected as the cluster head. The shortest distance between the source and destination is found by making use of the coordinates of source and the destination. The cluster head of the source first checks if the destination node is within its cluster. If not, then it passes information to its neighboring cluster heads and checks if the destination node is present in its cluster. Once the destination is located, then the packet is delivered using the path found using the mathematical formula of shortcut routing method. The experimental result shows that this method provides better throughput and packet delivery

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