Ww1 Trench Report

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This project is set on the 25th of December, 1914 when all the soldiers of the British and German side started singing Christmas Carols the evening before, and in the morning they put down their weapons to play a game of "football" , and exchanged traditional produce. I chose this scene because there is a lot of contrast between the murky war and the Christmas Day football game. During this time, they also repaired dugouts, craters, and buried some of their comrades. I am representing the British side. Below is a key, and a description of some of the main elements of the average trench. Death in the Trenches: Soldiers did not only get killed by the enemy, but they also died of causes such as: Trench Rats: The trenches were infested by millions of rats that carried deadly diseases. Trench Foot: Soldiers in the trenches often suffered from trench…show more content…
0- The Front Line: The first trench, was the front line. This was the closest trench to the enemy, and the most dangerous. They spent about sixty days in the front line trench a year. 0- Communication Trenches: The front line was connected to communication trenches, which connected to the Support Trenches. These trenches were used to transport men, equipment and food supplies, without getting exposed to gunfire. 0- The Support Trench: The second line, abound 75 meters back, was the support trench, a back-up trench. If the enemy had occupied the first trench, the support trench would be the new front line. thirty days were spent in the second line support trenches. 0- The Reserve Trench: Another 300 meters back, the third trench was the reserve trench. If the first two trenches were occupied, then reserve troops could join for a counter-attack. They served for about 120 days in the reserve trenches. Sixty days were spent on

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