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Knock knock jokes for kids Introduction Knock knock jokes have been a fun joke scheme that has been popular with kids for many years. These are small punch line jokes that are fun for parties, get-togethers or simply between friends joking about. They are simplistic but have an effective line that will leave the receiver in stitches and having tons of fun. Some of the jokes are not as straight forward as we would like so they may need some explanations for persons to fully understand it. These types of jokes usually play on words and if it is not fully understood at the start once an explanation is forthcoming it will make it clearer. This book seeks to list Knock knock jokes with explanations that will give the reader an idea of the types…show more content…
The listener says “Frank who” the speaker then responds by saying “Frank you for being my friend!” which sounds similar to the saying “Thank you for being my friend”. 34) Joke: Knock Knock! Who’ s There? Wooden shoe. Wooden shoe who? Wooden shoe like to hear another joke? Explanation: This is another good example of word play. The words “Wooden shoe” mimics the phrase “Wouldn’t you” which makes the sentence have the effect. This is a perfect joke that will entertain kids. 35) Joke: Knock Knock! Who’ s There? Kent. Kent who? Kent you tell by my voice? Explanation: This is another knock knock joke that uses a person’s name to allow the smooth flow of the quip. The name Kent sounds very close to the word “Can’t” which enhances the meaning of the knock knock joke when the speaker says “Kent you tell by my voice?”. 36) Joke: Knock Knock! Who’ s There? Isabel. Isabel who? Isabel working? I had to knock. Explanation: This is an innovative play on words as “Isabel” sounds similar to “Is the bell”. This is a creative approach that will have the listener wondering where the speaker is going with the joke. Once the joke is delivered it will be fun for all. 37) Joke: Knock Knock! Who’ s There? Dwayne. Dwayne who? Dwayne the bathtub, I am

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