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On July 5, 1969, Robert Fitzgerald Diggs, who would later become famously known as RZA (pronounced ‘riza’), was born in Brooklyn, New York. Robert was given that name by his mother who greatly admired the Kennedy family (RZA, The Wu-Tang Manual). His mother wanted to give him an honorable name so she used both Kennedy brother’s names. Robert isn’t remembered just for being the de facto leader of the Wu-Tang Clan, he is also known for bringing in his unique sampling techniques that had never been used before and for having a future business plan for himself and the members of his band. Starting from 1972 through 1976, Robert had to live with his uncle in North Carolina. When Robert was in his childhood, he remembers that the neighborhood he…show more content…
The Wu-Tang Clan first became known in 1993 when they released an independent single named “Protect Ya Neck” (Ankeny). The release of their single along with touring with Cypress Hill brought them a sizeable amount of underground fame. Since RZA was the known leader of group, many members let him handle the business side. When it came to signing onto a label, RZA wanted to be able to keep the group together for as long as possible. He came up with a plan that he named as “the five year plan”, basically it allowed the other members of the group to move freely within the hip hop industry (RZA, The Wu-Tang Manual). He wanted to be able to find a record label that would sign the Wu-Tang Clan while still allowing each member to record solo albums with other labels. The label RCA had agreed on the terms Robert had proposed, which allowed them to release their debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)” towards the end of 1993 (RZA, The Wu-Tang Manual). The album turned out to be one of the most influential hip-hop records of the era and today it is recognized as one of the greatest hip-hip albums of all time. Nobody in the hip-hop industry had ever seen anything like the production of Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). The sampling techniques that were used throughout the album were unique. In Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) RZA decided to use short repeated loops that would become a beat by itself but, didn’t just use that single technique to complete a beat. He would use synthesizers to change how it would sound, perhaps making it more of a dissonant beat. RZA used various dialogues from various kung-fu movies that he watched with his cousins and childhood friends. For example, at the beginning of “Liquid Swords” you hear a dialogue that is between a son and father. You hear the father explain to his son that he must choose between two choices, a

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