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Target: Mercury Mercury is the planet closest to the sun, so set coordinates of telescope to the following, according to muggle- managed NASA: AU: 0.362 Elation: -5,87 ELONG: 354.51 HG_Lat: 1.49 HG_Long: 76.48 HGI_Long: 278.48 Sight observation: Mercury appears pinkish in color at first, with a long tail behind it. According to my research, the tail is a recently noticed thing - as recent as 2008. It apparently is made of material's blown off Mercury's surface by solar flares. It appears to be pink because of the hues reflecting off of it by the Sun's colors. It's more of a rich gray color - a lot like the Earth's Moon. There are ice deposits littering the poles towards the top and bottom, not unlike Earth, but the rest of the planet looks…show more content…
It is obviously very, very hot on Mercury, which accounts for it's rocky and barren, stark surface. I read where the surface temperature reaches more than 400 degrees Celsius, which is hot enough to melt lead! During my observation, I noticed that it does turn slightly, practically non-existently in fact, on it's axis, which appears to be tilted away from the sun as it travels it's ellipses. It has a great many cracks as well, and according to my research, this might be due to it shrinking in size. Currently, it seems about the size of Earth's Moon. In looks, Mercury appears to have a very small tilt to it's axis, much less than Earth's anyway. Since our tilt causes seasons here on Earth in conjunction with our balanced atmosphere, I would post the hypothesis that Mercury probably does not have seasons as we do. I might also add that it travels its orbit roughly three times to our one, and I know from

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