Is Humble Quest To Follow The Bible As Possible By A. J Jacobs?

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Genesis Payan English 105 September 28, 2015 Dudley Living Biblically Review “Setting out to explore the consequences of strict adherence to biblical laws, A.J Jacobs encounters a series of experiences that are as hilarious as they are thought provoking. Along the way he teaches us both the fallacies of modern-day religious fundamentalism and the joys of discovering the transcendent and timeless truths of faith.”( Francis S. Collins, M.D. n.d.) The Year of Living Biblically , One Man’s Humble Quest to Follow the Bible as Literally as Possible (2007) by A.J Jacobs is a book about a journey of his life and how what he experiences when he followed the rules given in the Old & New…show more content…
The author of this book, A.J Jacobs , does have some credentials. He is an author , journalist and considers himself a human guinea pig. His job is being an editor at Esquire magazine.This research is not reliable because A.J Jacobs states that there are many rules in the bible that can not be followed anymore , and He considers himself Agnostic , being Agnostic is believing that nothing is known and has no faith but does not disbelieve in God. Jacobs, does not seem to have much experience in this topic, in his book he explains his confusions , his opinion , and his belief. This could be considered biased because he is not a believer of the bible and could be that he has no faith to what the bible is saying and does not fully understand the Why of these rules. He could be mocking christianity. A.J Jacobs has published other books , some are: The Know it All , Drop Dead Healthy and My Life as an Experiment. All which have one purpose in common , which is experimenting with his own body and mind and could be considered a mock to certain…show more content…
Considering the author’s purpose , it is effective because it makes the reader want to know more about what his life changes were and what the Holy Bible actually requires of

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