Jay Heinrichs 'Thank You For Arguing'

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In the novel Thank You for Arguing Jay Heinrichs teaches rhetoric, argument without anger, and strategies on how to enhance people in a rhetorical debate. The book explains on how to use advantageous skills not to win, but rather persuade an audience in a rhetorical debate. Filled with tactics of verbal defense and jujitsu through “try this’” and “persuasion alerts” Heinrichs layout of the book gives helpful hints on the comprehension of rhetoric. Jay’s favorite way to argue was through deliberative (future) argument. By remaining in future tense it “helps us decide how to meet our mutual goals” and determine a “joint decision” (Heinrichs 30). Lucky for me an opportunity arose quickly in an argument I had with my Mom on letting me miss school on Friday so we could go to the Mall of America. Reluctant on letting me miss the third day of school, my mom would have been hard to persuade with my usual incessant begging. I opted for future tense telling her how shopping would benefit the both of us while using some seduction and code grooming.…show more content…
Plus it a lot of driving. Me: Well I just got my temps and I see this as a great opportunity to get some road practice and only better myself for the future. Also, we’d get to bond as a family when we go there because we can visit grandma and grandpa. I can just see myself playing board games with them now (my mom loves it when I play board games with them), and just think of all the Caribou coffee we can get while were there (yet another one of my mom’s sweet desires). Mom: And here I thought you’d just get on your knees and beg, when did you become a grown up? (Long awkward pause) I’ll think about it, it does sound like a nice family vacation. Now can you please go clean your room it’s a mess. (She ended up saying yes, and I still haven’t cleaned my

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