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The first forecaster is Faith Popcorn; she believes that trends arise from high culture, low culture, and pop culture. High culture is from fine and performing arts, low culture is from things that are outside of mainstream awareness, and pop culture is from movies, television, music, and celebrities. Popcorn is credited with spotting the “cocooning” trend; that states people have a stay-at-home syndrome, waning comfortable and basic clothing. This trend also has a lot to do with home décor, because people do not want to leave, but rather have everything in the comfort of their home. Examples of this include, man rooms, home gyms, larger rooms and bathrooms, and entertainment rooms. Popcorn also spotted the clanning trend; this is when individuals’…show more content…
The collection of knowledge should not just take place through print, television, shopping, and interviewing; there needs to be online media searches and travel to find new inspiration. Blogs and fashion sites such as Polyvore and Pinterest are increasingly important when it comes to spotting trends. Stan Davis relies on reading, discussion, and thinking for his ideas. I also believe that he needs to update his knowledge searches to include online media. Chris Anderson has included the Internet and online media in his long tail theory; which is why I would use this concept if I were a forecaster. Although I feel Anderson’s long tail theory is best suited for forecasters, it is still important that the concept is adapted as technology changes and also doesn’t rely solely on online searches; it is important to also look at print media, conduct interviews, and travel. The reason that I would choose Anderson’s theory is that it contains trend information for all people not just those who want to follow mainstream fashion. This is important in a world where everything is accessible and nothing is off-limits. Niche markets are becoming more prevalent, everyone wants to be different and show that they do not follow mainstream trends, but are hipsters or fashion

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