Would Gatorade Be Good To Grow Plants Essay

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Plants get most of their nutrition directly from soil. Water is very important for plants to grow, remain healthy and not die. During photosynthesis, plants use water and carbon dioxide to produce sugar and oxygen. Water is also used to move minerals absorbed from the soil to other parts of the plant. Plants also need water to prevent dehydration (Effect of milk on plant growth, n.d).Would Milk by good to grow plants? Milk is a good source of calcium, for plant. Milk contains beneficial proteins, vitamin B and sugars that are good for plants, improving their overall growth and health (Milk Benefits n.d )Would Gatorade be good to grow plants? Since Gatorade has water, glucose and sugar, which seeds need to grow over a span of time. Sugar is an ingredient in Gatorade, including fructose, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose and sucralose.…show more content…
Plants use sugar as an impurity, therefore absorbing Gatorade at a slower pace than fresh water. The decreased input of water, which leads to interrupted photosynthesis and slower plant growth( Gatorade Benefits on Growing May 17,2006). Would tea be good to grow plants? When people make tea for drinking, they are extracting the flavonoids, essential oils, vitamins and minerals from the plant material. When brewing the tea, it strains out the solids and sediment. The flavonoids,essential oils,vitamins and minerals are all good for growing a plant. The minerals and vitamins are especially good for growth. Would lemon juice be good to grow plants? Lemon juice has the same effect as acid rain over any plants. Lemons have too much citrus liquid which are not good for plants and can kill plants. Is carbonated water good for growing plants? Most plants absorb nutrients dissolved in water through their

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