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In the Richard Attenborough’s movie, “Gandhi”, people are represented anonymously, in large groups, following Gandhi and resisting the daily pressure that has been done by the British imperialism. They have struggled and fought for their civil rights and independence in order to materialise the moral values that they carry. The way they dress and their actions, tell us more about their culture backgrounds. The diversity of the Indian people in Attenborough’s movie was portrayed as a huge anonymous crowd. India followed the cast system, or the system of hierarchy, and as represented in the movie, people were divided in different classes. The ways that they can be identified were what type clothes are they wearing, and their mass actions.…show more content…
Through the movie, there are scenes which depict the common life of Indians, in both India and South Africa. These scenes portray how people are working in fields, buying goods, having peaceful relationships with their neighbours, how they socialise with each other. All these examples are providing us information of how was the everyday life of Indians who were colonised by the British for about 200 years. Furthermore, these people were not just freedom fighters and politicians, writers and thinkers, among them there were farmers and labourers, little-educated people and…show more content…
Richard Attenborough uses viewpoints of how Gandhi’s leadership impacted the way that Indians lived. His inspirational speeches, at one point, united the Indians as one. He aspired people to equality and asked them not to think on their religions, but their nationalities. As united Indians, people are engaged in the common struggle for independence. Fortunately, with Gandhi’s impact, India became an independent country. However, Hindu and Muslim people struggled to live on the same territory, as they lived before, and the formation of a new country for the Muslims, Pakistan, happened. Still, during Gandhi’s leadership, people were united and won the independence of their country, they felt the freedom but the lack of cooperation between the two different religious groups resulted with division which could’ve be prevented if Indians continued to follow Gandhi’s philosophy of

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