'Beowulf' By Burton Raffel

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What is Beowulf about? Beowulf is a warrior, who proves bravery, loyalty, and fame. He is put into situations and will use those skills to get through his obstacles. To start off, Beowulf is an epic poem which was written by Burton Raffel. Beowulf is one of the earliest poems composed in England around the 8th century. It describes a world of heroes and monsters, losses and victories, and life and death. The story is originally from the Anglo-Saxon culture from 500-1600 AD. The poem revolves around the warrior culture and lifestyle of the Germanic people. The poem begins with Beowulf, a strong warrior, hearing there is a problem in Denmark, when Hrothgar was king around that time. Living near Hrothgar’s kingdom is Grendel, a monster, who is…show more content…
For instance, Beowulf demonstrated loyalty to his warriors, Wiglaf, and Hrothgar. Loyalty is one of the main traits that prove he is a good warrior. Instead of Beowulf snatching the throne from Hrothgar, he rather be loyal to him and finish his battle against Grendel. In the text, it is not shown that Beowulf displays any kind of disloyalty. His job is to protect his people and be loyal to everyone. Also, Beowulf has gained loyalty from his people too. Their responsibility is to protect him and risk their lives for him. All in all, Beowulf gives his warriors gifts from the war for defending him. Another example of loyalty is when Beowulf comes back to Geatland. Along the way, Hygelac is killed in battle and Beowulf is offered the throne for his great deeds. Instead of Beowulf accepting the throne, he is loyal and faithful and decides not to accept the offer. As Beowulf was in Geatland, he pays wergild to Beowulf, but it is not acknowledged. Even though Beowulf would like to be king, he remains loyal to the family. Beowulf demonstrates loyalty and makes him a recognizable king later…show more content…
During the battle of the dragon, Wiglaf, one of Beowulf’s warriors, helped him defeat the dragon and proved his devotion by protecting his leader. He is the only member who comes to Beowulf’s aid. After Beowulf’s death, Wiglaf becomes king of Herot. In the story, Wiglaf states, “So, I have led the Danes for half a hundred years, protected them from all the peoples, On this earth, my sword and my spear so ready that no one anywhere under God’s high sun Was eager to wage war here in Denmark.” This quote is referring to Beowulf and his eagerness to begin battle. Not only was Beowulf loyal to Wiglaf but he was also loyal to Hrothgar. Beowulf proves his skilled ability to earn loyalty from Hrothgar. For example, when Beowulf goes to battle Grendel, he promises to Hrothgar that he will defeat Grendel, the powerful monster. In conclusion, this is how Beowulf displays

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