Trader Joe's Case Study

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While driving down Manchester Boulevard, you are enticed by Mcdonald's, Taco Bell, and Randy’s Donuts. You are swamped with fast food options but healthy alternatives are scarce. You don’t see signs of fresh vegetables or advertisements for home-cooked foods. The grocery store chain, Trader Joe’s, is a solution to this. The Trader Joe’s corporation should expand their stores into Inglewood, Calif bringing healthier, fresh, organic and cheap produce to a community that needs it. Trader Joe’s was founded by Joseph “Joe” Coulombe in 1968. It started off as a chain of Pronto Market convenience stores in the Greater Los Angeles area but eventually emerged into a chain of grocery stores. The company was later bought by German, Theo Albrecht in 1979…show more content…
In the article, “The Benefits of Healthy Habits” by The Healthline Editorial Team, the article claimed that eating right helps control your weight, improve your mood, combat diseases, boost your energy and improve longevity. If eating healthier foods allows you to be disease-free and salutary, then why not shop at a store that provides these benefit? The Trader Joe’s stores are located in many cities including Manhattan Beach, Calif., Long Beach, Calif. and the University of Southern California Village. However, Trader Joe’s is not located in low income communities. It is located in areas that are predominantly caucasian and middle-upper class because they are in better areas. Low income cities deserve healthy and affordable foods too. According to an article by Mary Hanbury and Samantha Lee in Business Insider, Organic bananas at Trader Joe’s are 29 cents each and 64 oz of organic milk costs $3.49. However, at Costco, according to, regular milk costs $13.99/12-32 oz. boxes and organic bananas cost $0.663/lb. This demonstrates that shopping for organic and affordable items are better found at Trader…show more content…
Hanbury and Lee compared the amount of money spent in each store shopping for the same products. The total cost of the bills came to be $115.90 at Whole Foods and $85.33 at Trader Joe's. As previously stated, Trader Joe’s is known for their affordable organic produce. Ingesting organic produce is often better than ingesting conventional produce. In the article, “Organic Foods: What You Need to Know” by Lawrence Robinson, Jeanne Segal and Robert Segal, the authors claimed that organic produce contains fewer pesticides, is often fresher, is better for the environment, milk and meat are richer in nutrients and organically raised animals are not given antibiotics or hormones. Low income people should have the option and exposure to healthier organic options. Costco is another store popular among the Inglewood, Calif. residents because of its bulky products. In a survey of 14 Animo Inglewood Charter High School seniors, 12 students said that their parents shop at Costco because of their sizeable products. Buying in bundles only benefits big families who need more food. However, if you're an Inglewood, Calif resident who lives alone or a college student, buying in bulk for you is not the best option because your food will go to

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