Breathing Under Water Character Analysis

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Breathing Underwater Nick Andreas is in High School he is 16 years old is going to court because his girlfriend Caitlyn puts a restraining order against him. She claims that Nick beat her, but he keeps insisting he only slapped her once during an argument. The Judge tells Nick he has to attend counseling for anger management. He must write 500 words a week in a journal about what happened to his relationship with Caitlyn. Nick is 16, and he is the main character. He is the one who is always using violence. Caitlyn, another main character, is Nick’s girlfriend who gets hit by her boyfriend. She leaves him in the middle of the book. Tom is Nick’s best friend who had the perfect life Nick always wanted. Nick’s Father is a main character who would hit his son and did not care about him. He is the reason why Nick is the way he is. Mario teaches the violence class that helps Nick control his anger.…show more content…
Nick did not hit him, he told his father he was not strong or powerful, but he was just a man who was not using violence anymore. At first, Caitlyn did not care if Nick hit her because she loved him, and because she had low self-esteem. Eventually she could not take it anymore, left him. She went to live with her Father and attended a special performing school. She did not go back with Nick. In the beginning, Tom was a good friend to Nick, but Tom found a note that said that Nick was violent. Tom told everything to Nick, but Nick did not bother to tell Tom about his problems, and felt that Nick did not care. At the end, they fixed things and everything was back to normal like it used to be. His Father changed because he apologized to Nick the last time he tried to hit Nick. He told Nick that that was how his dad raised him. He was calm, sober and almost

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