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After World War I President Woodrow Wilson created a plan that he thought would solve the problem of territorial issues and offered principles that a long term peace throughout nations could be built and it is known as The 14 Points. During this time many opinions about the end of the war began being expressed, especially in the satirical new source The Onion. In response to Wilson’s 14 Points, The Onion pokes fun with 14 points describing how these points are not as perfect as they seem. For example on of the points made in the news article reads “That the lands of Turkey and the Former Ottoman Empire be given to the Great State of Texas.” This suggest that the division of empires after the war was absurd. Texas, of course, was not capable of ruling these two empires, which many thought about the divisions made at the time, and the amount of influence the U.S. had on decisions.…show more content…
America knew that is was the biggest power of the time. Wilson was trying to repair European problems but the U.S. itself was still having major social problems as well. The last point reads “That all civilized nations unite in the noble purpose of exploiting the browner people of the Earth.” The U.S., and many other nations as well, was still prejudice to people of other skin colors and considered them inferior. The article picks on how the U.S. is trying to impose it’s thoughts on how European nations should be run when it had major flaws as well. The Onion points out the flaws of the 14 points by Woodrow Wilson in a satirical

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