Women's Voices In Time: Women In Prison

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In the movie Voices in Time: Women in Prison, one of the many constant themes that was evident in these women’s lives was the fact that they started getting abused at a young age by those they considered to be family. Many of these women came from lower class and impoverished homes to which they were neglected by their caretakers. As a means of survival most of them turned to drugs, prostitution, and robbery. Also, due the toxic environment that was their household most of these women ran away from their families and sought comfort in gangs. I believe these women committed their crimes because they were put into extremely difficult situations to which they saw no other viable option. In the movie there was a woman in which she saw her life as being so awful that she believed those who were incarcerated as having it easy, as they had a place to stay and three meals served to them every day. These women did not have access to good mentors in their…show more content…
Many of these prisons do not have programs to help these women use the time that they have in prison wisely, programs to help better them and insure that once released they don’t end up back in prison. One of the women in the movie stated that there was no help administered in their prison and that the only thing that got them through their sentence was the help of other incarcerated women. In addition to women’s prisons having a lack of educational and skill building programs, it was stated in the movie that it was also difficult for women to receive medical attention compared to men’s prisons. Not only were male inmates treated and catered to first before women, but it was also stated in the movie that women in prison suffered from the highest rate of mental illnesses. Once again showing that the main function of prison for these women was to simply punish them for their

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