Patrick Bateman's The Life Of A Psychopath

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a. Summarize in one sentence what the book is about. The life of a psychopath. b. Write a summary in your own words. You would think Patrick Bateman is just like other people. He is rich, lives in a nice apartment in New York, has a lot of friends and he is nice to everyone. The only difference is that he is a psychopath. He cares more about the way his skin looks than about the feelings of his friends. He is also always daydreaming about killing people. The book starts of at his girlfriend’s house. He is having dinner there with his friend Tim Price, his girlfriend Evelyn, his friend Courtney and two of Evelyn’s friends. He watches Tim and Evelyn and he suspects that they’re cheating. A few days after the dinner, he goes out for a “cheap” dinner with friends (it was about 300 dollars, he expected it to be more) and he goes clubbing afterwards. The day after he has a date with a girl who only dates him because of his money and who only talks about her ex-boyfriend’s music. Before the date, Patrick says to himself that he won’t kill her. Patrick didn’t like the girl and he cheats again on his girlfriend. This time with Evelyn’s good friend, Courtney, who also has a boyfriend. Patrick really likes Courtney, but he doesn’t like her boyfriend, Luis. That’s the reason he wants to kill Luis. While he is chocking Luis, Luis tells Patrick he has got feelings for him. Patrick didn’t see this coming and he sets Luis free. He doesn’t…show more content…
Describe the theme in one word. violence d. Describe the main character in detail. Patrick Bateman is 28 years old. He is a psychopath and he pays incredible attention to detail. He also describes his self very handsome and he puts a lot of effort into his looks. He thinks of the most horrible ways of killing people and he has a lot of urges to also perform them. e. Describe two minor characters. f. Describe the place(s) where the story is set in detail. The story takes place in New York, mainly in Patrick’s apartment,

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