Women's Role In Etruscan Culture Research Paper

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A woman’s role in ancient society varied greatly from culture to culture. In Etruscan culture, women were treated with a decent amount of respect and a sense of dignity. Women were regarded with respect and were given a more significant role than many other women of ancient cultures. Beginning at a young age, Etruscan’s educated both their sons and daughters, which was rare for such an ancient cultures. This education afforded the women of Etruscan society opportunities that women of similar civilizations were never afforded. Although children were only educated until the age of 12, scholars have attested to the fact that “women [of Etruscan culture] understand most everything that men do”, which suggest that females were at least treated…show more content…
The main role of women is Mesopotamian society was that of a traditional role of women as depicted in many ancient cultures. Mesopotamian women were submissive to the males involved in their lives, whether they be their father, family member, or husband. A woman’s main task in her marriage was to become a child-bearing mother, but more specifically, a woman whom bore at least one son for her husband. Interestingly, males in Mesopotamian culture were considered the sex whom creates a “house” or the “nuclear family”, which would mean that Mesopotamian men were responsible for creating the family, not the Mesopotamian women (Vivante, 1999). This is considered significant because even in modern times, women are viewed as the sex that is responsible for creating and harboring a familial environment, not their male counterparts. Nevertheless, Mesopotamian women were still responsible for acting as wives, mothers, and housekeepers for their husbands benefit. Females of Mesopotamian culture were given insignificant roles, and were mainly domiciled to their domestic affairs and were given the task of supervising and caring for the husbands children. Mesopotamian men basically governed every aspect of a Mesopotamian woman’s life, from her birth, to her marriage, and to her children, regardless of their sexes. Men controlled any and all political, familial, societal, and economic values of their women. Unfortunately, women of Mesopotamia were given no importance or value unless they bore sons for their

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