Women's Rights In Shakespeare Sharnette

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Have you at any point pondered what it resembles to not have opportunity? Not have the capacity to do certain things in view of your sexual orientation. Well in the midst of Shakespeare's time women barely had any opportunity. Women were dealt with distinctively in view of their sexual orientation and class. Most women did not get instruction, so they just worked with their spouses and around the house. women had certain employments. They could get education however it was not much. Women for the most part searched for a spouse. Despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth I was the leader over England. The rights for women did not change. Women appearance was a major ordeal to them. Ladies did not have a colloquialism education, homelife, or law,…show more content…
Women were seen that way because people believed women needed someone to watch and take care of them. (Sharnette 2) Most women’s goals were to find a husband.Once the women got married the husband was seen as a lord. If a woman was married it was their husband’s job to take care of their wife. If however if the women was not married the father, brother, or any other male family. Women were expected to be a housewife and mother. While the male were to be breadwinners. Women were ought to have children at least every two years. (Sharnette 1) The reason for women to give birth to a child every two years was because the children would die due to illnesses and diseases there was. Women were not allowed to have the power in an marriage. ( Grender 345) Whatever freedom or rights had. Was taken away and given to their husband. They husband could not abuse his wife in any way or it would lead to execution. (Papp and Kirkland 4) In the marriage the wife had to be a loyal loving subject. Back then there was no…show more content…
Back then Elizabethan women aged quickly due to many child births. Giving birth to a child every two years was very harsh on the women’s bodies. “Elizabethan diet lacked vitamin C resulting in bad teeth and bleeding gums” (Alchin 2). Women dyed their hair yellow so that the male could be attracted to them. Women also put face makeup on their faces to make them look pale. Women wanted to achieve the pale look badly that they would bled to death for the look. The face paint was made out from roots and leaves. Which would leave to death. The face mask were poisonous. Which would cause the women to get ill and would result in death. Shakespeare wrote about the women’s faces in his plays. He would write about how lovely the women looked. Women experienced considerable difficulties in Shakespeare's time. They were constrained to do certain things. They didn't have the rights or flexibility that we have now in this time. Women barely had any saying. Women simply utilized their appearance to get their spouses. Most women just got hitched and complied with their significant other. A few women achieved to get instruction however it was uncommon. In all not make any difference what women attempted to do their colloquialisms in training, homelife and law,didn't make any difference to the male

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