Women And Cookbooks: The Power Of Women In America

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As time progresses women in America are finally begging to emerge as powerful and intelligent people. From the readings it seems that most women are realizing their value and understanding that roughly half of the people on the earth are women. Women such as Eliza Leslie, Sarah Josepha Hale, Catharine Breech and many others are recognizing the power of a female audience. Women magazines and cookbooks are created with the hopes of improving the lives of women and their families. Women’s education is again a major topic of this week’s readings. Emma Willard wrote how education for women was necessary to better care for and teach their own children. I believe that Willard’s quote saying “would we rear the human population to its perfection, we must first fertilize the soil which produces it,” captures the beliefs of many women at this time.…show more content…
Evidence that women used their writing abilities to help other women improve their lives can be found in many of the domestic housewife cookbooks. Most of these books were aimed at the American wife. Recipes were simple and made so that women of lower income and social status could still make them. Eliza Leslie’s excerpt from her cookbook was written in great detail and in very plain simple language so that any women could follow it. Sarah j. Hale’s The Ladies’ Magazine was also full of writings such as poems and short stories about education, female etiquette and manners, domesticity and other topics. These are way that women communicated with each other and change how women were viewed in

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