Modern Democratic Party Essay

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The modern Democratic Party tends to be in support of a strong federal government with powers to direct business and industry in general society interest; governmentally financed social administrations and advantages for poor people, the unemployed, the aged, and other groups; and the protection of civil rights. The government must protect the rights workers from exploitation. This includes making sure that employees receive a livable wage, work in a safe environment, and have an active role in the corporation. The DNC platform said "We honor work in America. Americans work hard and they have a right to expect that work will pay. We want to continue reversing the trend of the eighties, so all Americans benefit from continued economic growth…show more content…
According to the democratic national committee Taxes should not be used to increase the gap between the very wealthy and the very poor in the United States, giving tax reductions to the rich while emptying the weight onto poor people's shoulders is not right. Democrats realize that all Americans should have the opportunity to pursue an education regardless of the economic situation they are born into. The DNC says they believe in "Higher education for all Americans. Finally, we must make sure that every American has the opportunity to go to college. Higher education is the key to a successful future in the 21st century." They also want more technology in all classrooms to help children understand their subjects better. The Democratic Party also endorses a strong separation of church and state, and they generally oppose government regulation of the private, noneconomic lives of citizens. In general it is for using government for economic proposes rather than control people’s personal lives. Regarding foreign policy, Democrats tend to prefer internationalism and multilateralism such as execution of foreign policy through international institutions for instance The United Nations over isolationism and

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