Spanish Invasion Of Mexico Research Paper

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The Spanish Invasion of Mexico was not very subtle and affected the Indigenous Indian’s way of life in nearly every aspect. While most changes were obvious and for the most part harsh on the Indians, there are a couple changes that come to mind where all are cooperative and to the benefit of all. The changes made to the indigenous religion was obvious. The Spanish attempted to completely destroy it, but the Catholics found ways to match some of what the Indian religion practice already to that of the Catholic religion. They simply would keep the same dates of worship the Indians observed, but replaced the deities with their saints. For example, the Indians worshiped the mother goddess Tonantzin which the Catholics matched her to the Virgin…show more content…
Prior to the Spanish occupation, the Indians farmed the land which benefitted the whole community, also known as capullis. Their diet consisted of beans, corn, squash and chile. This quiet community’s labor of love was drastically changed to an enslavement of Indian labor for farming that was to increase the wealth of the Spanish. The Indians now had rice and wheat in their diet which is a staple we still associate with the Mexican diet as Spanish rice and tortillas. The main focus of the Spanish was to make money with the crops that wre being harvested by the Indians and sending it to other countries for sale. Their monetary success would not have happened without the Indians who were exploited and suffered through work days that were too…show more content…
The Catholic church was not far behind looking for souls to save in the godless, devil worshipping, soulless, human sacrificing, uncivilized, uneducated savages of Mexico and the rest of Mesoamerica. This was the picture the Spaniards projected to the Spanish Crown and the rest of Europe. There is no doubt the Spaniard’s intentions for Mexico and it’s people was to destroy the culture, exploit the people and its land, as well as destroy their history and future. Whether it was to hide their atrocities committed against the Indians or eliminate the race completely, one thing we know for sure is that they wanted to make sure that the people of Mexico knew their ranking of their class with them at the top. I feel that if they had not spread their DNA amongst the Indians, they would not have spread the greed contained in their blood to the point it bounced back at them in the Mexican Revolution. If not for that, they would have occupied Mexico longer than 300 years, which in my opinion is far too

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