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The project that I have decided to support is a documentary about the true-life story of Wilma Mankiller. The documentary is about a woman that defied all odds and became the first woman elected as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. With Wilma in command of the Cherokee, they became one of the strongest Indian Tribes in America. She began to focus on economic development and national health care, which aided to re-assert the Cherokees self-governance. Wilma was able to bring the Cherokee together with its registered citizens to nearly double from 68,000 to 170,000, and to start taking pride in its history, while also planning for their future. Valhalla Entertainment and director/producer Valerie Red-Horse started this project because Mankiller is omitted from many history books, despite being a pronounced revolutionary leader. The goal for this project is to bring to light the important issues in Wilma’s life, such as sexism, racism, community empowerment, self-help, and team building.…show more content…
After reading about the accomplishments of Mankiller and to know her many achievements have gone unnoticed, is something that I can back one hundred percent. If an issue is not being taught in schools, or read about in books, it has been known to be lost forever. For someone that made such a vast impact on the Cherokee Nation, everyone should be educated about her story and many accomplishments. The Cherokee Nation has had plenty of hard times, and for a woman, like Mankiller, to help pave the way for them to have a better life is a bright spot in the American Indian history book. She deserves a huge amount of credit for helping the people of our nation who have had to deal with so much heartbreak, which they did not

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