William Paterson Importance

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William Paterson played a key role in creating our house of Representatives and the Senate because without his proposal, we would not have the governing system that we have today. He was prepared to create a system and compromise with other people’s ideas. He had gone to Princeton University and was a very smart man. After school, he had begun studying the law in the city of Princeton under Richard Stockton. When the War of Independence had begun, he had joined the vanguard of the New Jersey patriots. He had participated in the provincial congress (1775-1776), council of safety (1777), legislative council (1776-77), and the constitutional convention (1776). William Paterson had done many important things in his life that changed the way that…show more content…
Later, he had returned, but only to sign the constitution. Even though he wasn’t there, he is known to be a crucial reason for americans to run the National Government the way that we do. Without his New Jersey plan, many things that are normal to us today would be completely different and probably unfair. His job was to fix the way we had voted and he had done that. Even though William Paterson was not at the constitutional convention for the whole time, he had played an important role which is why I give him a B grade. All in all, William Paterson was a significant person in U.S. history and will always be known as one. He had had a rough start in the beginning of his life, but when he and his family had settled down, things had begun to turn out for the better. He had graduated from an amazing school, learned how to do many different things, had participated in one of the most important meetings in american history, and created a plan that would change the way that americans had run their government which is still used today. Without William Paterson, american life would not be the

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