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The Most Extraordinary Organism The organism I seem to like most is the Vampire squid. The vampire squid is very unique all by its self. The Vampire Squid is the last member of its class. It also has a very special defense mechanism, which allows it to turn itself inside out to allow it spine to protect as well as some other things. I will break down the classification and genre domain, and family as well. I think the Vampire squid is a very unique organism. The Vampire Squid also known as Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, which translates to “vampire squid from hell.” It is the last known organism in the order of Vampyroteuthis. In the class of Cephalopoda it comes in seventh. The Vampire squid is a combination of both the octopuses and a squid. Derives from the domain Eurkaryota. In the kingdom of Animalia.…show more content…
It is actually only grows to about 6 inches in length. Its skin colors can be black or red. It’s has two wing like fins at the top of its body which allows the squid to swim around or look like its flying through the water. This squid may be small and look as if it’s slow moving but it really uses fin propulsion. It has large eyes that can be seen as blue or red depending on the light. The arms of the squid are webbed together and almost looks like a cape. Which when scared or startled it folds them over its body showing its spine like flesh. Each of the eight legs are lined with suction cups. Inside the apex of the eight arms there are jaws that look like a beak. Its entire body is covered in a light producing organs which are called photophores. Its uses it bioluminescence which is brought on by the photophores. This ability is the main form of defense when it deals with predators and attracts prey. The Vampire Squid can be found in the tropical regions of the ocean. They live in the depths of the ocean where very little light gets to. It is as a carnivore. It eats thing such as copepods,

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