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making friends because they think that they will be bullied because of not having a mother or a father. They would change. They would not be what they used to be. Instead of being happy they will be lonely. Instead of being cheerful, they would be shy. They would not be able to speak out for themselves as they worry too much about being judged for having a single parent. They would feel left out on graduations. And instead of them focusing on their studies and living a happy life as a child, they would be always worrying and thinking about negative things. And these are caused, all because of single parenting. According to (2017) “Your child’s self esteem and confidence might take a knock when you become a single parent family.…show more content…
According to (Bishumba, 2016) “We can tell that single parenting can cause positive or negative effects on the child depending on how the parents handle it”. However, we are talking about absence of one parent because we know men who have raised their children single handedly long after their spouse has passed away or decided that she had enough. But those are rare circumstances. So, does the absence of one parent affect a child? Yes, it does. And is not about to stop, rather, it will increase. While economic hardships are more likely to affect a single mother than a father, here, childhood poverty is the number one negative factor. However, more of these effects might consist of psychological effects. Although children with both parents are no exceptions, depression and behavioral disorders are high in single parenthood situations. But there are issues that are rarely talked about. Like how children get so rebellious because of the conflict of their parents. When parents argue for too long, it can leave children to be fearful and insecure. Even if it’s not the parent’s intention to cause harm, continuous conflict can threaten a child’s sense of safety. The truth is, parents forget that children are vulnerable to feeling in the middle between their parents’ arguments. High parental conflict can send them into high alert. As a result, children may have difficulty sleeping, concentrating on school or social activities; or be plagued with fear and anxiety about their

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