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Six Flags America is an amusement park located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. One of many Six Flags branded amusement parks dotted across North America, is it worth visiting? When judging whether or not an amusement park is worth visiting, the criteria we look at is whether or not the experience that the park offers is worth the price it requests. Unfortunately, Six Flags America does not offer such an experience. When it comes to choosing an amusement park, consider options other than Six Flags America; there are many better. The first thing one must look at when deciding whether or not to spend a day at Six Flags America is the price. Six Flags America has quite a large price tag, charging sixty dollars for each person to enter the gates (Six Flags). Be prepared to spend money at Six Flags America even before you enter the park, just parking is not free. Six Flags America’s official website lists parking at twenty dollars a vehicle (Six Flags). Do the math – that is two-hundred and sixty dollars for a family of four – and that is just for everyone to enter the park! The high prices do not stop there; food and drink is also ludicrously expensive.…show more content…
According to one reviewer on Google, the staff in charge of running the Apocalypse ride did not secure her 11-year-old son into the ride correctly and they did nothing except yell at the riders for complaining (Zane Strebor). Then, the director did nothing to remedy the situation either (Strebor). Another reviewer from Yelp described the workers as “jaded, half-asleep, dopey teenagers” (Paul M). I got this impression myself during my visit this summer when a worker at a food court charged me for two four dollar bottles of water when I purchased one. After failing to persuade me to just take a second bottle of water, he had to call her manager because she did not know how to charge for just one

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