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Engaging with God: A Biblical Theology of Worship by David Peterson is a must read for everyone who claims to be a worshipper of the Living God. Peterson elaborately explains the concept of worship from the Old Testament and seamlessly takes the reader into the New Testament where the focus is on the fulfillment of the Old Testament promises and hope in the life and ministry of Jesus. The biblical theology that is derived from the Old to the New Testament lays the foundation for the meaning of worship. Personally, I have not come across any book on worship that deals with worship in this manner. Generally, the trend of today would focus on how to lead worship without even dwelling on the meaning and the object of worship. The rising popularity of the so called ‘praise and worship’ service or session rings hollow when stacked up against books and teachings like these. Often, worship in churches today is being reduced to a mere singing slot where young people would take the lead. It is often a…show more content…
Peterson draws the attention to the relation between the intentions of God in the Old Testament to the work accomplished through the Son Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Through Christ Jesus, worship takes on a new meaning as he takes on himself the elements of worship in the Old Testament. Therefore, we could now come to the Father through Christ. Worship comes from that heart of gratefulness to what Christ has done and therefore it is an attitude and a lifestyle where thanksgiving is reflected in our everyday life. Hence it’s a contradiction to most of the idea of worship today as it is associated only to a singing time. Though a grateful heart can express thanksgiving through a song, but the limitations that surrounds worship is such that when the song is over, worship too came to a

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