Why Some People Are Hardly Happier Than Others?

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Have you ever wondered why some people are simply much happier than others? These are the ones who are always smiling and optimistic, even when times are tough, fulfilled when everyone else feels empty, the ones that see the good behind every bad situation. Good news - although genetics has something to do with their everlasting joy, still, their attitude is that which greatly influences the way they react to adversities and trials. They have acquired some good habits which enable them to always remain positive, and banished other destructive behaviour. Here is a partial list of the attitudes they have eradicated from their lives. Blaming others and making excuses. It's very easy to point fingers when things are not to your liking. You could blame your upbringing,…show more content…
Probably one of the greatest sources of misery is pretending you are someone whom you know is not the real you. It is easy to be lured into the trap of imitation, especially when everyone else around you seems to be made from the same mold. It takes courage to be unique and different. You may encounter ridicule or opposition, but eventually, people will appreciate you in your uniqueness. Never change just because you want to please other people - only change if you know that by doing so, you can be a better version of the REAL you. Being ungrateful. Not appreciating the things we were given is also a great source of unhappiness. It is tempting to always want to wish for the things you do not possess, but remember that wanting something is not the same as having it. It is not cool to constantly desire to have things, and always feel envious about what others have. It's like you don't appreciate the things you already have in your life. Being ungrateful is never pausing long enough to realize that you are more blessed than others, and much luckier than most. When you think about your blessings and learn to appreciate them, then the greater your chances of being

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