North Western Steakhouse Case Study

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How hard would be to keep a business open for one hundred years? It’d probably be pretty hard right? For Bill Papouchis it isn’t, his father, Tony Papouchis and a friend of his father, Pete Maduras, opened up Pete's Place back in the 1920s,the T-bones were .25 cents! So many things have happened to Pete’s Place or The Northwestern Steakhouse, from switching buildings, bootlegging liquor, changing owners, the prices, and it was named most iconic in Iowa, well pretty much everything has changed! To keep a restaurant open as long as the steakhouse has you need to have a good substantial product. The North Western Steakhouse is a perfect restaurant to choose for this essay because of how old it is, so many things have changed. Bill had told me his dad and his business partner had moved…show more content…
When it first opened its doors Pete’s Place was owned by Tony Papouchis and Pete Maduras. During the 1930s, when the prohibition was going they would bootleg liquor in the basement!They ran the restaurant together for around thirty-three years together, Pete would be the waiter/businessman, meaning he would handle the money, figure out what to buy, handling the bills, etc. While Tony was the cook/gardener, they had a mammoth of a garden with over two-hundred tomato plants, 50 green pepper plants and many more. Then in 1965 Pete sold the Pete’s Place to Tony, that is when Tony switched the named form Pete’s Place to the Northwestern Steakhouse. Tony planted his garden every year for the restaurant, he collected the fresh veggies for his salads he served. Nowadays the Steakhouse is ran by Tony’s son Bill, and his wife Ann. Though they don’t have the fresh garden like Tony did, though they do buy from local farmers and make the same great tasting steak! Back when the Northwestern Steakhouse became the Steakhouse and not Pete's Place there used to be living quarters upstairs, where Tony

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