Padre Damaso: A Short Story

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One hooded blonde king who sat on his beloved throne, had a troubled look on his face as he watch things happening on his viewing orb that has a height of 'half-room' size of most oldest library. The viewing orb showcased what could be described as 'future events' since the date viewed was January 1, 1897. "What madness is this Padre Damaso!?" One man, an Insulares, gritted his teeth at the sight of corrupt Spanish friar laughing from what the fool believed in his own perverted world a fool. The man eyed the dead bodies of his younger sisters -both of whom raped by said friar- with huge anger that would give a certain hot-headed Illustrado run for his money. Suddenly, he pulls out a match-lock pistol and aimed at the rogue friar with the following words: "You, a poor excuse of a man, call yourself a man who served the Church? From what I saw, you are much worst than a man…show more content…
An ungodly sight under CBCP’s rule. Because of the organization not being monitored behind back doors by the Heaven Faction due to sudden death of communist-leaning politician that led to the events of People Power Revolution, the group's influence grew beyond the boundaries of a constitution that stated "Separation of the Church and the state". Under their reign of terror at this point after EDSA III, everything that all the previous administrations worked for became a rotten fruit. After the viewing orb finished the gory scene of various countries being ruled by rogue clerics and priests, the blonde king almost summoned his sword to slice the damn globe-like orb into half but he managed to prevent it when a thought of doing putting major assistance came into his

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