Compare And Contrast Paper: Birth Of Venus 1482

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Lin 1 Congcong Lin Linda Tien F-101 December 10, 2014 Compare and Contrast Paper: Museum Visit Andy Warhol’s piece by the name Details of Renaissance Paintings, that is, Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus 1482, displays the face of a goddess carefully represented (Beethe, 2). The piece of art was made in 1984 in an attempt to depict an earlier painting drawn over the same period. Currently, the piece is located in Arkansas Arts Centre with its original location being the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Apparently, the painting can be seen from one side as it is hanging on the wall; moreover, the piece uses acrylic and silkscreen ink on linen as material, which adds on to the form. As such, the form depicted by the artwork illustrates…show more content…
Although Warhol attempts to build the significance of the painting through the form, subject, and content. It is clear that the painting on the Statue of Liberty surpasses the mark hit by the one on the goddess of Venus. On openly observing the two pieces from a close range, the form on the former is not quite as elaborate despite the use of acrylic and silkscreen on ink. In fact, at some point the definition of some of the contours are left for the imagination of the observer. Nevertheless, the different shades of colors attempt to correct this, thus working as redeeming qualities. As regards to the subject, the piece of art merely demonstrates beauty, which is rather a subjective topic. Therefore, no much analysis can be carried out on the content behind the use of the subject. On the other hand, the painting on the Statue of Liberty supersedes the basic limitations of significance with immigrants serving a large percentage of America’s population. Lin 4 Works Cited Beethe, Thomas. "Modern Venus by Andy Warhol." Modern Venus by Andy Warhol 2.3

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