Masculinity As Homophobia Rhetorical Analysis

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The way a person uses words to control, manipulate and persuade our way of thinking is the most powerful characteristic a person may have.The most powerful leaders and activists had that ability to provoke your thinking into unimaginable limits, and to break your own sense of normality. People like Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, Malcom X and Ghandi that paved the way for new ways of thinking, and actually shed light to sensitive subjects that caused the groups of people they were reaching out to to second guess the wrongs they always seemed as right. Another inspirational activist that does the same in his articles and speeches is Michael Kimmel, the writer of “Masculinity as Homophobia”, where he sheds light on the real reason homophobia exists and why some people respond to homosexuaity in such a negative manner. The way Kimmel presents his topic in his opening paragraph relates to the reader. He touches base on the popular concept of what a man is, and enunciates the meaning we all have come to know, just to turn around and argue it. The way he describes manhood with such personal and deep descriptions allows for Kimmel and his…show more content…
Not only does Kimmel allow himself to connect with such a vast audience, he also structures a slight problem and solution set-up in his writing. He makes sure his audience isn’t left with questions, and to address them he adds any possible questions his readers may have. After doing so he answers each one thoroughly so that any doubts or arguments his opposing audience may have will be executed. For example, he asks questions like, “what does it mean to be self made?” and “what are the consequences of self making for the individual, for other men, for women?” He then goes to answer them with full length and thorough answers targeting popular controversy that may argue his

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