Triangle Trade Controversy

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controversy of Triangle Trade If we talked about Triangle Trade to European and African,they may got slightly adverse answers,for Britain they may regarded it as a fortunate treasure,for African,oppositely,they would probably say it was a disaster.Actually for nations which participated in triangle trade that period,they have diverse opinions towards the effect of this transoceanic trade.Triangle Trade exerted slightly different influences on different nations. The poverty of work force encountered with “excellent choice”.Expanding empire Europe in the new world lacked of labor force due to the climate and tropical diseases,for African on the other hand,really met the need of European,Africans, on the other hand, were excellent workers: they often had experience of agriculture and keeping cattle, they were used to a tropical climate, resistant to tropical diseases, and they could be "worked very hard" on plantations or in mines.(Boddy-Evans, Alistair) Because Africa that time was lack of weapons and…show more content…
Finally,they loaded products of plantation such as tomatoes and tabacoo back to Britain which would probably took nearly four months.This triangular trade was highly efficient and allowed many people to make money.Even the well-known industrial revolution of England could not initiate without this process which boomed their dominant textile industry and enhance the efficiency of producing process by establishing mechanized

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