Comparing King Arthur And Shrek

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How can a middle age legend and a modern Pixar movie be connected? “King Arthur” is a story about how Arthur became the king of England. The movie, Shrek 2 focuses on how Shrek and Fiona become future rulers of far far Away. Although the stories are similar, they have many differences. For example, King Arthur and Shrek 2 can be compared and contrasted by evidence of characters being faced with rejection, evidence of supernatural, and characters being sent away as children. One similarity between “King Arthur” and Shrek is Characters being faced with rejection. for example, in “King Arthur” when Uther pulled the sword from the stone nobody believed it was him. Even when Uther proved that he could pull the sword from the stone he was still rejected of being king for 6 months. In Shrek Fionas father did not approve of him to marry Fiona. Her father even hired people to try and get rid of Shrek.…show more content…
In “King Arthur” Merlin was a wizard and did supernatural things. One of those things was making Uther look like the Duke so he could have sex with Igraine. In Shrek, fairy godmother tried to put a spell on Fiona and make her fall in love with Prince Charming. Puss and boots was also a supernatural example in Shrek because a cat can not talk and walk in boots. Children being sent away is another thing that is alike in both “King Arthur” and Shrek. For example, in “King Arthur” Arthur was given to Merlin like promised and then sent away to be raise by a knight named Sir Ector. This event occurred in the story because King Uther and Merlin made a deal that if Merlin made him look like the Duke to get with Igraine Merlin could have the king's first born child. In Shrek Fiona was sent away to a castle. Fiona was sent away because at dawn every day she would turn to an ogre. But if her prince charming rescued her from the castle she would no longer turn to an ogre at

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