Why I Want To Be A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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For me, Nursing has always been my dream profession. As a young girl, growing up, I helped my mother take care of my four younger siblings. As my mom worked tirelessly to provide for our family I became the second mother. In her absence I was the responsible party, filling in and doing all the things that she usually did for us. This is when I learned to care for, love, and nurture others. This, paired with the watching all of the women in my family function in caregiver roles like nursing assistants, practical and registered nurses provided the foundation for me to become the efficient and empathetic nurse that I am today. Becoming a nurse practitioner has been a goal of my since I was a teenage girl. I remember having talks with my younger sister and we…show more content…
My desire to become a nurse practitioner stems from my passion to care for individuals across the lifespan, promote the health and wellness of the family unit, and improve the quality of healthcare in my community. I am excited to embark on the journey to become a primary care provider that knows my patients completely, so that I can treat and cure them with a holistic approach. Pursuing my Master’s at Ohio University is my first and only choice for many reasons. I have a history with OU dating back to 2000 when my younger sister became a freshman there. I spent many weekends there enjoying the beautiful campus and the diverse culture. It is also a natural choice for me because I am currently enrolled in the online RN to BSN program and will be completing my degree in just a few months. I have been successful in this program and I have found that there is a great deal of resources and support available to the student body. Ohio University’s online MSN program also comes highly recommended by past and present students that I have had the pleasure of working

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