Song Analysis Of Bright Blue Music By Michael Torke

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Music is a very important part of our society. It, along with many other types of arts, is a part of the building blocks of our society. Music can be many things. It can be loud, and it can be soft. It can be happy, and it can be sad. It can scream from the mountain tops or it can cry from the canyons. This song, “Bright Blue Music,” by Michael Torke, is a wonderful example of this. If we analyze deep into this song, then we will find many different examples of the different ways that music can express itself in a song. We will be able to uncover the emotions that the composer felt while he was composing this, and his intentions with releasing this song; whether intentional or not. Looking into purely the instruments, we find a good amount…show more content…
There are deep and dark instruments, weaving a mysterious tale around your very eyes. They lead our emotions down a tricky road, walking the fine line between hair raisingly good music, and disturbingly terrible music. These instruments manage to keep the entire song firmly on the beautiful and inspiring side, keeping the listener’s safe and happy for now, by weaving their tale around anyone who would listen, sending out forbidden messages and little melodies. We also have the playful ticking of the percussion instruments, pulling and leading you eagerly along into their game, glad for the friend. The percussion can be the soft tap tapping, or they can be the gong that’s hit. Percussion is a tricky instrument, it can blend so well that you can’t even quite hear it if you aren’t listening, or it can be seen dreadfully out of place, a car in a haystack. In this case, Torke easily balanced the two of them, Above that, we have the soft tinkling of bells, lighting up the song with their purity and wisdom, as they played both loudly and softly. When played softly, there’s the unmistakable grace to them, that other instruments just can’t seem to achieve. Subconsciously calming you, the bells play a nice part when soft. When loudly broadcasted, the bells can be a whole nother…show more content…
The first, and most obvious, would be that the composer has ‘Synesthesia,’ which is the production of a sense impression relating to one sense, or part of the body, by relating to another sense or other stimulation to the body. Another reason, that I believe would be just as viable, is that music is much like the color blue. In the color’s own way, it is unique, in it’s thousands of shades. However, when you come down to it, no matter how close it is to another color, blue is still blue. The same goes for music. While it could be shrouded in mystery, like a navy blue, it could also be slathered with sweetness, which could relate to a cotton candy blue. Music in itself is a very complicated art. It can go from beautiful and full of grace, to terrifying and hair-raising in just a moment. It can go also quickly reappear from being a neutral, as suddenly on one of the

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