Why Does Squealer Use Propaganda

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The other one is the propaganda. In the story Squealer plays an important role in using a lot of propaganda to convince working class to trust and believe in ruling class especially with Comrade Napoleon. He can tell things from black to white. In chapter3 you can see that Squealer uses propaganda to take advantage from the animals. The pigs want to have these things for their own benefits. So Squealer acting as the spokes man of ruling class says “Many of us actually dislike milk and apples. I dislike myself. To preserve good health contain substance absolutely necessary to the well-being of a pig”. Then the animals believe him so the pigs get more privilege than other animals on the farm. So the pigs have more portions but they do not work,…show more content…
Moreover, Squealer likes to say this sentence “Jones would come back” or “Do you want Jones come back”? No animals on the farm like Jones because they think that he is the true enemy and he uses violence. Whenever Squealer says this, the animals will not say anything. They will let the pigs mange things on the farm. So the pigs still have power in their hands because of the hatred of animals towards Mr. Jones. Not only Squealer who uses propaganda, but Napoleon also uses it too. Before snowball is expelled, Napoleon uses propaganda to gain power by teaching the sheep to speak “four legs good, two legs bad”. Then when Snowball calls for a meeting and he want to ask if who agrees with him or not. The sheep will interrupt him by saying “four legs good, two legs bad” so that no animals can understand Snowball and of course nobody takes his side. After Snowball has gone, he uses propaganda to blame on Snowball. Whatever goes wrong Snowball is blamed. For example, when the windmill is destroyed, he says that Snowball comes at night to destroy it. So the animals feel angry even though they see how hard that Snowball fights in the Battle of

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