Should Munchy's Be Banning Teenagers?

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“Your life does not get any better by chance, it gets better by change.” Jim Rohn. In other words this quote shows that in order to succeed you many need to change your ways. This issue of restaurants having or not having the right to ban teenagers from eating in there restaurant creates problems of minimizing the options that students have when choosing a place to eat, it also creates problems on sales income, and discrimination on the basis of age. This issue affects not only students and restaurant owners but adults dining as well. Although Munchy’s is one of the only healthy options for students, a business should have the right to ban teenagers because teens are loud and messy, they minimize the amount of adults dining, and the decrease profitability of the restaurant.Students hold the belief that adults can be loud and messy; however; adults are more mature than students because students are disturbance to adults…show more content…
In July there was more adults than teenagers and this can be because managers are on summer break, but in October there is more teenagers than adults and a teense in profit. Most adults agree, that teenagers should be banned from Munchy’s during adults lunch time for a quiet lunch because teenagers are loud, messy, annoying, and a decrease in profit. This matters because Munchy’s restaurant can have less sales and profit with students that are loud and messy than having sales with adults that have more money and that are more mature than students. Some may say that students increase the amount of the sales;however, they do not spend as much money as adults and as the number of adults decrease so do the sales. When students are in school they’re usually closer to the restaurants. It is often said that students and adults may have equal amounts of money to spend on food; however, they decrease the profitability of the

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