How Does Macbeth Influence Hamlet's Thinking

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In Hamlet Old Hamlet shapes Hamlet's thinking and actions. Old Hamlet makes Hamlet question what he thinks is right and what he thinks is wrong. The same thing happens in Macbeth. Lady Macbeth shapes Macbeth's thinking by calling him a coward because he will not kill Duncan to become the King of Scotland. Macbeth takes this to heart and decides to listen to his wife and kill Duncan. Old Hamlet shapes Hamlet's thinking by saying that he is Hamlet's father and Hamlet should kill Claudius out of revenge for him killing Old Hamlet. The conflicted morality of both Hamlet and Macbeth are affected indirectly by the malevolent state of mind of Lady Macbeth and Old Hamlet, which causes them both to kill the king of their country. However, Hamlet's…show more content…
She then says that the can blame anyone for the murder of Duncan and keep their hands clean. Macbeth has shown that he is powerless against his wife, which leads to him realizing that he can not escape the malevolent mind of his wife and ends up killing Duncan. This shows that Macbeth has a weak mind that is easily shaped and can be twisted to do different things. Overall, Macbeth has a weaker mind that is easier to shape because he gives in to his wife's request quicker than Hamlet does in the courses of the plays. With Lady Macbeth calling him a coward and questioning his manhood, Macbeth has no choice but to succumb to the demand that his wife gave to him. This shows that Lady Macbeth can get Macbeth to do anything she wants just by saying that he is not a man, which ultimately shows that Macbeth has a weaker mind than Hamlet. Hamlet's mind is stronger and harder to manipulate because he struggles to decide which he believes is right, his father or his morals. Hamlet is conflicted with Shamas 5 this decision throughout the course of the play because he wants to please both his father and his morals, but it is impossible for him to do at this time. Even though they both gave into the command that was given to them, Hamlet

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