Harley Humggers Research Paper

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Why do the Harley Huggers cite a 21-5 record? Petrino's overall record at Arkansas was 34-17 (17-15). This is still much better than what we are today. There is no need to omit Petrino's first two seasons. If Bielema pulled a complete 180 next season and went 10-2 or 11-1 I doubt you would afford him the same luxury of omitting his first two seasons. Also, Petrino is currently 1-3 with his only win coming against an FCS team. More importantly HE IS NOT HERE! When Bielema is gone, I would hope the fans would move on regardless of how good or bad his last seasons are. The majority of Bielema's supporters are like me, they want him to succeed simply because he is the coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks. If he leaves or is fired they

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