Why Do Curfews Keep Teens Out Of Trouble

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Does Curfews Keep Teens Out of Trouble? Parents want their teens to be safe at all times. Keeping teens out of trouble is a major way of ensuring safety for them. A way to keep teens out of the streets or doing other activities that might endanger their lives is giving them a curfew. Giving teens a curfew reduces the risk of them getting into trouble. Having a curfew not only benefit the teens, but it also relieves stress from their guardians. Having a curfew helps reduce the probability of trouble in the streets. Giving a curfew doesn't mean all teens will stay out of trouble, but it helps lower the chance of this dilemma. Michael Murphy, a 11th grader at Kinkora Regional High School, mentioned that he had to complete a law project that…show more content…
Acquiring a curfew helps with discipline. Teens may view having a curfew as being mean, controlling, or strict. Overall it helps your child know that there are boundaries and limits in life. Barbara F. Meltz, author of "Put Yourself in their Shows: Understanding How Children See the World," states, "From knowing your values. From respecting you and trusting you and feeling respected and trusted by you in return. These are qualities that happen over the course of a child's lifetime." Meltz is basically saying that you should show respect to get respect. Not only by having a curfew, but having a child that abides by the curfew helps build respect. Respect goes a long way. You should want to raise your child in the right manner. Curfews aid in protection, but also serves as a life…show more content…
Giving your teen an unreasonable curfew may lead them to think you have no trust in them. This may make your teen feel obligated to sneak out to have more freedom. Teens want their parents to have faith in them and their decisions. It's true that curfews doesn't prevent you from getting out of trouble. It all depends on what kind of trouble your referring too. Curfews doesn't keep teens out of trouble such as getting pregnant, smoking, or drinking. Teens have their own minds and can do that at anytime. However, curfews does help keep teens away with trouble with the law. Curfews may not ensure 100% safety, but it lets you know around what time your teen should be home. If your child is not home by this time, you will know if there is an issue. It's better to have some kind of tabs on your child rather than having none. Nonetheless, you should want what's best for your child. You should want to try to protect your child at all times. It's not always possible, but you want to be as close to it. Your children will thank you in the long run. Enforcing a curfew shows that you care and are concerned about your child's wellbeing. Your child's opinion matters, but when you know what's best for them you have to take control. You should make it a point to where you and your child have good communication. With better communication, your child will understand where you are coming

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